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How does GoCanvas collect payment?

Credit Card (Preferred Method): If you elect to pay by credit card, your card will be charged each month on your account billing date if you're on a month to month plan OR each year on your renewal date if you are on an annual plan.

Invoice: If you are on an annual contract and would prefer to pay by check or wire transfer, we can invoice you for payment in full on an annual basis.

Are you charging us in advance or in arrears?
If you have users on a monthly plan or an annual plan, we bill you in advance. If you purchase an annual plan then you are paying for the next 365 days of service. If you purchase a monthly plan you are paying for the next 30 days of service. If you have users on a usage-based plan (Form as You Go), we charge those in arrears.
Will my service auto-renew?
Yes, your monthly and/or annual users will auto-renew unless you disable them prior to the new service period starting for each individual user.
What do all the dates means?

Invoice Date: This is simply the date that the invoice is generated and emailed to the billing contact on record.

Due Date: This is the date when payment is due.

Individual Account Dates (if not on a team license): Each individual monthly or annual user account has its own Service Period based on when that user account was created. With team licensing, all users will have the same billing period. 

Example: Account Number: 3819XXXX Dates: 12/15/2015 - 1/14/2016

In this example the individual user's service period ends on 1/14/2016. So we are now charging this individual account for the following 30 days (1/15/2016 – 2/14/2016) since we bill in advance. So the amount you're paying today is for 30 days of service for that individual user account.

Since we only invoice your company once each month and each individual user has their own individual 30 day cycle, we often end up invoicing you AFTER the individual user's billing cycle has started.

Why was I charged for an account that I disabled?

You disabled it after the service period for that INDIVIDUAL user had ended but before we generated an invoice for your overall company account. Each user has a 30-day (Monthly) or a 365-day (Annual) service period. But we only invoice you on a certain day of the month.

Here is an example:

Bill has a service period of 9/7 to 10/6. He adds another user, Jill, on 9/20.

On 10/7, a new service period starts for Bill. On 10/14, he decides to cancel his company's account and disables all of the users. Because his service period had already started, he will have a balance on his account. 

GoCanvas will generate his invoice or charge his account on 10/29. He will be charged for his account for October, but not for Jill's. 

He will not be charged after October, but is responsible for paying his final balance. BillingExplainer.png

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