Using Number Fields in the Advanced Form Builder

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Number fields are handy field types for not only collecting numerical data with an efficient mobile keyboard format but also for automating calculations in your form. 


The rule of thumb for number fields are to use them anytime the value collected will be used in a calculation or summary later in the form. If the field won't be used for a calculation or summary, i.e. a zip code or a phone number, short text fields in the style of number will be best.

Number and Currency are the two styles of the number field type in the Advanced Form Builder. This is a setting configurable in the left panel.


Number Style Currency Style

Number Style allows you to specify the number of decimals you want the user to enter.

AFB_Number_Decimal options.png


Currency sign is generally location-based. If you need your form to collect data in a different currency, try changing the location settings on your mobile device.

Both styles of number fields will allow you to set a numeric Minimum and Maximum, which will require users to input a value either above a certain amount or below. These can be used simultaneously to ensure that value is within a certain range.

More Number Field Settings

If you’ve selected the number style, this is where you’ll set the number of decimal points available in that field. Your options are No Limit, or from 0-6. By default, it will be set to No Decimal Places Allowed.


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