How to View Changes to a Submission

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Submission Revisions keeps a historical record of changes made to a submissions.

How to View Submission Revisions

If you allow users to edit submissions, you may need to to know how a submission has changed, who changed it, and what the change was. Whether the submission was edited on the website or on a mobile device, view it all in the same place.

  1. Navigate to either the Submission tab in the Left Navigation or the Submitted tab in Work Hub.
  2. Select the hyperlink for the form Name.
  3. Select the Submission Date


The number of revisions the submission has will be in the bright blue square in the right corner of the screen. Select that area to view details.


Included in Submission Revisions:

  • Revision #, starting with 0 or the original submission,
  • What the Change was,
  • The Date the change occured,
  • The Author of the change.


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  • How does a revised submission show up in the .csv export?  I don't see a column that indicates "Revision Number" or anything.   A revised submission needs some kind of identifier in the exported info.