What should I do if I get the "Email is already in use" error message?

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When adding a new user, you might encounter an error message letting you know that the email address you’re trying to add is already in use.

Email is Already in Use

This typically happens if the person has registered for a free trial account instead of receiving or using an activation email affiliated with the company account.


In order to allow you to add the user, the person who created the account will need to log into that account on the website and change their email address. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Login using the email address that needs to be added to the company account.
  2. Select Profile in the Left Navigation.
  3. Under Profile Information, select the Edit button.Profile_Information_Edit Button.png
  4. Edit the Email field so it is no longer the user's accurate email. We recommend adding the prefix "old_" as this is unlikely to be used in a real email.
  5. Save.

If the user cannot remember the password affiliated with their account, they can read about resetting their password. That will allow you to add them using the email address that was originally rejected.

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