Default URL for Web Link Fields in the Builder BETA

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Link fields gives users an efficient way to navigate to a predetermined URL from within their form.

Link Fields

Admins and designers determine the URL that a Link field directs to by setting the Default URL in the Field Settings modal of the Builder BETA, accessible by selecting the gear icon in line with the field.

BETA_Link Field_Default URL.png

This field comes in handy if you need the user to reference instructions, photos, or files in a cloud storage. Linking a more generic URL, rather than a job specific URL, makes this field more universal for all users and submissions.

GoCanvas Tip

If you need a different link for every job, you can Dispatch to a Link field, which would override the Default URL. 

Visit the Help Center article, "How to Add a Link to a Website in Your Form in Builder BETA," to learn more.

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