System Defaults in the Builder BETA

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The System Default field setting, available on Text Fields in the Style of Single Line, allows you to dynamically pull in information based on account data collected by GoCanvas that is specific to the user who is logged in. For example, automatically populating a field with the First and Last name of the user filling out the form saves time on a repetitive task.

System Defaults

To apply System Defaults:

  1. Find or create a text field.
  2. Select the gear icon for that field.BETA_New Text_Settings Gear.png
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Field Settings modal.
  4. Expand the System Default drop down menu and scroll on the modal to reveal the menu.

BETA_Short Text_Settings_System Defaults.png

System Default defaults to None, that is, the text field will be empty when the user arrives at the screen. The other options that appear are all specific to the user who is currently logged into GoCanvas.

Username: The email address used to log into GoCanvas.

Company Name: The name of the company registered to GoCanvas, as defined in the Billing Info settings (under Billing Contact).

First Name: The user's first name as provided when creating their account.

Last Name: The user's last name as provided when creating their account.

Full Name (First Last): The first and last names provided when creating the account.


System Default is not available on text fields in the style of Multiple Lines.

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