How to Hide Fields within a Form in the Builder

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You may want a field in your form that isn't visible to your mobile users. Using the Mobile Visible setting, you can choose which fields your users can and can't see when filling out a form.

Mobile Visible

This property can be set for nearly every field type excluding the following field types:

  • Checkbox,
  • Drawing,
  • Photo, and
  • Signature.

This property is most useful on Calculations, Dates, Links, Mirror, Numbers, Static Text, and Time fields as the values may be used for internal use only or to automate something in the background of the form that the user does not need to see. This property is great for reducing confusion in the field so the user only sees the fields that they need to in order to complete the form and nothing they don't.

Although Multiple Choice, Single Choice, Barcode and other field types that require interaction can be made mobile invisible, that is not recommended in most scenarios because the user would not be able to interact with the field making it impractical.

This setting is located under More in the Field Settings modal, accessible through the gear icon on each compatible field.



GPS fields can also be hidden but the setting is called Hidden and is located under the Field Type drop down in Field Settings.

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