Tips to Make Images Fit on the Right Page of your PDF

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Because the GoCanvas PDF Designer is designed for ease of use rather than precision, images sometimes get separated from their headers. There is not a specific setting to force images to stay on one page, however, with a trial and error approach, you should be able to consolidate images with the PDF design.

Before you work on your PDF design, you’ll want to do a test submission where you have taken a photo for every photo field in the submission.

Then launch your form from the Forms page and toggle to the PDF Designer.

Resizing an Image

The first trick to fitting images onto the PDF is to resize the image. Depending on how the user took the photo (landscape or portrait mode) and the camera that was used, you may get different sized images either wide or long. You can resize images to conform to certain size restrictions, however, unless you have all users using the same type of device with the same settings and software versions, and have them always take images in a certain orientation, you can't always guarantee the same image size on the PDF.

PDF Designer_Adjust Photo Size GIF.gif

Learn more about resizing images on the PDF Designer.

You may need to do some trial and error to get things to fit correctly. You can use the preview button in the upper right corner to see how it’s looking while you’re working on it.

Adjusting Column Padding

To set up the column padding so that there’s less white space space between the section, set the padding to 0 on the top and the bottom.

Learn more about column padding here.

It should look something like this:

PDF Designer_Column Padding 0.png

If you have tried all of the above and are still having trouble with images, or are looking for something more custom, you may be interested in a Custom PDF designed by our team of experts.

To learn more about GoCanvas Client Engagement Services, please contact your GoCanvas Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, Account Executive, or submit a ticket to support.

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