What happens if a Submission fails to upload during sync on a mobile device?

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When you finish entering data, you need to submit it. Once you click Submit, GoCanvas will attempt to upload that submission by syncing. While GoCanvas works offline, you do need to have an internet connection to sync and fully submit your data.

If the sync fails for any reason, you will not lose your submission(s). The submission will be saved on your device and you can attempt to sync when you are reconnected to the internet, take advantage of our auto-sync feature, or follow the steps below. If you’re having trouble syncing from the GoCanvas Windows desktop application, see our Windows help topic.

If the sync fails, you may see an icon indicating that a form has a pending submission:


 If you see this, you can click the Sync button in the upper right to attempt to sync your device and complete the pending submission.

You can also click the form to make any changes to the pending submission:


As you can see, there is a submission in progress for this form. You can click In Progress to make any changes to the pending submission.

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  • Hey Chris,

    Most of the time (especially if it's a big submission, e.g. lots of images), that means it's sort of in-transit; the submission is going up piece-by-piece but hasn't finished yet. Doing some additional syncs can help with this, and our Support Team can typically push these through from our end. I see you have a ticket in, so I'll reach out to that team right now and have them get back to you. 

  • Thanks Sara, I appreciate it.

  • What happens if a submission goes missing? A user made a submission (iOS) and it's not on her device and it's not on GoCanvas' site.