How to Clear Data in your GoCanvas Application

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If you are using a shared device, you may encounter the username field being greyed and not editable on the login screen of the GoCanvas mobile application. 

Clear Data

When logging into GoCanvas on your mobile device, you may have noticed that your username is greyed out and cannot be changed. That happens when your mobile application times out or when you attempt to logout before submissions are submitted.

GoCanvas doesn't want you to lose your work, so the application prevents you from logging out. If there is no work that you need to keep, you can clear your data and log in with a different account by following a few simple steps.


This will delete any saved or pending data from the device. Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered. Please use with caution.

  1. Go to the login screen of the GoCanvas application and tap on the More menu in the top right corner OR tap on the question mark icon next to your username.iOS_Clear Data_More Menu and Question Mark.png
  2. Select Clear Data for either the More menu or the question mark. iOS_More Menu_Clear Data.pngiOS_Question Mark_Clear Data.png
  3. If you chose to clear data from the question mark, a second pop-up will ask to confirm.                                                 iOS_Question Mark_Clear Data_Confirmation.png

Once you have cleared data, all unfinished submissions will be deleted off your device. If you go back to the login screen, you will be prompted to sign in again, and your email will no longer be grayed out.

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