How to use the Upcoming Tab in Work Hub

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The new and improved Dispatch Calendar experience is now available in the Upcoming Tab of Work Hub. We wanted the calendar to be as familiar as possible so we have made most functionality work the same way any other online calendar works. Below, we'll discuss some GoCanvas-specific features. 


User Filter Tools

On the left side of the screen is a panel for user management. Simply type a user's name into the text bar and click their name to add it to the calendar.  When you hover on a person's name you'll see a trash can and an ellipses. Click the trash can to remove the user from the calendar. Click the ellipses to change the user's color code. Deselect the checkbox by their name to filter dispatches assigned to them off the calendar.



Filter the dispatches shown on the calendar by either the form name or the status of the form.


Create New Dispatch

You can create a new dispatch by clicking on any time slot on the calendar. You will be automatically redirected to the Create Dispatch screen. Once you choose the form from the drop down menu, scroll down to see that date and time you selected will pre-fill under Schedule for later.

We have another help topic on creating dispatches from the Upcoming Tab.

Edit or Delete a Dispatch

Click on any current dispatch to edit or delete it. When you edit it you are able to reassign it, change the time or date, or anything else you need to change. If you delete it, your mobile user will get a notification to sync his/her device and the dispatch will then be removed.

Only dispatches that are not received (or seen by the assigned user), designated by the squares only outlined in color, can be edited. To edit a dispatch that has already been received, designated by the solid color squares, you will need to unassign the dispatch. Unassigned dispatches are designated with the color grey.



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