Create a Dispatch using the Calendar view on the Upcoming Tab

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The ability to create a new Dispatch from within the Upcoming Tab makes it easy to see and schedule work in the field. 

Create a Dispatch on the Calendar

1. Select the date and time on the calendar for when you wish to schedule a dispatch. You will be automatically routed to the Create Dispatch page.


2. Choose which form you want to dispatch to one of your users. 


Note: If the form you want does not appear it means you have not enabled dispatch for that particular form. Return to the Forms page to turn on Dispatch for the form you want.

3. Fill out the Dispatch details and under the Assign to drop down, you will see that the Schedule for later radio button is selected and the date and time you selected on the calendar will be pre-filled into the Date Range.


    • When would you like this done? You can change the type to Immediately if you decide you want to send this out right away.
    • Send calendar invite via email This will send an email to your mobile user (It uses the email address associated with their GoCanvas account) with an .ICS file attached. That allows them to add this dispatch as an event on their own calendar.
    • Reminder will send a reminder email of the upcoming scheduled dispatch at the interval indicated.
      • 10 minutes before
      • 30 minutes before
      • 1 hour before
      • 2 hours before
      • 4 hours before
      • 8 hours before
      • 1 day before

4. After selecting Next, the following screen is where you can pre-populate fields in the form for users to see in the dispatch.

Note: You must fill out at least one field that is specific to your form.

5. When you are done filling out the fields you need to dispatch, hit Create Dispatch.

The dispatch will then appear on the Upcoming Tab where you can edit it, assign or reassign it, or delete it.

If you choose not to assign it to anyone, the color of the block will be grey on the calendar. Newly created assigned dispatches will have a colored outline to indicate that your mobile user has not received it on their device yet. When a dispatch is received, the color will fill with the color associated with the user.


Learn more about the Dispatch Calendar.

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