Using the Field Mask Setting in the Legacy Builder

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A Field Mask requires the user to input text data in a specific format.

Adding a Field Mask

Field Masks come in handy if you have a zip code field that needs to be a five digit number, or a customer ID that is always two letters followed by a four-digit number. This is a tool admins and designers can use to guide their users to provide correct responses when a drop down or multi-choice field type is not appropriate.

Field Masks can be applied to Short Text or Barcode fields.

  1. Select an existing Barcode or Short Text field or add one to the workspace and select the field to open the settings in the left panel.
  2. Expand the More field settings tab.
  3. Enter the desired field mask.


Types of Field Masks

There eight different types of field masks. Each character requires a different response. Below is a list of the different characters that can be part of a valid field mask and their meanings.

Required Optional
0: Digit 9: Digit
L: Letter l: Letter
A: Digit or Letter a: Digit or letter
?: Digit, letter, space, symbol, etc.  

Wildcard: * is used to signify an undetermined number of characters.


Asterisk is used for "Starts with" (e. g. 000*) or "Ends with" (e.g. *AAA) but only one wildcard character is allowed per mask and it MUST be the first or last character.

Examples of Field Mask in Use

Example 1 Example 2

If we setup a field mask on a field of AAA* this means that when responding, the user must enter text that meets the following criteria:

  • The response MUST be at least three characters, but can be longer.
  • The first three characters in the response must be either numbers or letters, they cannot be left blank or contain any symbols.
Valid Responses to a Mask of AAA* Invalid Responses to a Mask of AAA*
123456 &78 4
ABCDE ...567
1R47&)/ 89.ABC


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