What is Workflow?

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Workflow is a feature that allows a user to begin a form and then pass it along to a colleague who either needs to review the data or fill out another section of the form. 


Paper forms are especially slow to move around an organization, especially when they are being filled out by field workers, in other offices, or working from home. Emails lack functionality to capture signatures, GPS coordinates, conduct calculations, and more. Workflow is a highly customizable transition tool that accommodates virtually any internal process you're looking to streamline.

When you need to transition a form from one users to another, you'll create a Handoff. You can insert as many handoffs as needed, at almost any point in the form. At each handoff, you will configure who you want to route your data to next. You can force it to go to one specific user or allow your user to choose from a list of users that you specify.

You can also create logic within the form so that the handoff routes to a user based on data that has been captured already. For example, if there is a major violation of safety rules captured during an inspection, you could trigger a Workflow to route it directly to a supervisor. The supervisor would receive a notification on his or her device and could immediately take action to address the situation. 

Visit the Help Center article, "How to Use Workflow," to learn how to configure Workflow.

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