How to Embed a Link in an Image in the PDF Designer

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This article refers to the GoCanvas PDF Designer. Visit this article to learn more about customizing the Standard PDF.

When you add an image to your PDF you are able to add a URL that is embedded in the image, so that when someone views that PDF, they can click on those images and be taken to whatever website you specify.  

Use this feature to engage with your audience even more! This allows you to place something like an Angie's List icon in your PDF so you can encourage people to click through and add a review. Your invoices, work orders, inspections, etc. can all be used to help drive more customers to your business. Whether they are internal or customer-facing documents, the nicer they look the more likely it is that someone will read them.

Adding a Link to an Image

1. Add an image element to your PDF. You can learn how to do this here

2. Select the image in the preview to open the Element Settings tab.

3. Type or paste the URL in the Web Link field to where the image should redirect when clicked.

4. Save the change.

Web Link.png

Graphic Library

Need ideas of what to add to your PDF? Here are some sample graphics that you can use to link to your social media or local listing sites. Just right click on the image and select "Save Image As..." or click on an icon to view other company graphics. You can also use a Social element to add your social media links.

facebook-logo        Twitter-logo        Yelp

Trustpilot logo        Which? Logo        Angies List logo

Better Business Bureau logo        Choice logo        Yahoo Local logo

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