What to do if your table in the PDF Designer has more than 10 fields

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If your form uses our loop functionality, you may have noticed that loops create tables in the PDF Designer. Currently the PDF Designer is limited to displaying 10 fields, or columns, across the page. If you have more than 10 fields in your loop or table, you use this PDF Designer workaround to display all your fields in the PDF. You just need to add the table more than once to the design. You can learn more about adding tables here.

At any point, if you'd like to reference the form used here, you can download it here.

If your table has too many fields, you may notice it looks something like this in the PDF Designer:

Under the F10 column, you can see values for F10-F14. These are all separate fields in the form. Only the first 10 fields get their own column. Any field after the 10th field will be placed under the 10th column.

Step 1: Delete excess columns

Start by dragging and dropping your loop screen (table) into the PDF. If you hover your mouse over each individual column in the table, you will see a trash icon show up at the very bottom. Click this icon to delete the column. Be sure to only delete columns that you don't want in this first table. Once a column is deleted, you can't go back. Please see below to show the progression:

Step 2: Adding new columns

Once your first table has been updated, drag and drop the same table from the palette back into the PDF under the first table. You will need to be more careful when working with the second table as this time you'll be deleting and adding columns.

Start by removing the columns that appear in your first table. In this example, we will keep F1 in both tables. In a real world example, F1 may be your product name or code. By keeping this column in both tables, you can make sure it's clear that the data in both tables belongs to the same item (or product). See the progression below:

Columns F2-F7 deleted.


Hover over your table and click the Add Column button on the right for your remaining fields.

Step 3: Rename headers and move data

When you are finished adding the new columns, hover your mouse over any of the headers. Double click to rename it:

Next, drag and drop values F11-F14 into the new columns. Just press down on one of the values (in column F10 in this example) and drag it into the appropriate column. Please see below:

Your PDF design should now look something like this:

Feel free to remove the full table if you still have it. We've kept it in the example for comparison only.

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