How to Adjust Image Compression Settings

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When images are submitted, they are compressed to take up less space. Because everyone's image needs are different, GoCanvas has three compression settings to fit your needs. 

Updating Compression Settings

Image Compression can be set on a form-by-form basis. To change the image compression from the default, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Forms page from the left navigation.
  2. Select the hyperlinked name of your form or the settings gear associated with the form.
  3. Under Settings, select the Settings button associated with Compression.Form Settings_Compression.png
  4. Select the level of compression you would like.Form Settings_Compression_Settings.png
  5. Save.

All submissions going forward will have the new compression settings.

Image Compression Settings

The drop down menu Image Quality has three different quality levels to choose from. Reducing the quality will also reduce the file size.

Underneath Image Quality, the two greyed out boxes indicate the Compression Quality and Compression Height/Width Dimension and these numbers will adjust to reflect the Image Quality chosen in the drop down. 

If a user adds an image that has a larger dimension than the specified max, the image will be scaled down proportionally to match the greater of the two dimensions specified.

There are three different compression settings: 

  • Normal Compression: 
    • 80% Compression Quality
    • 800 px Compression Max Height/Width Dimension
    • Larger image size, better quality.
  • Better Compression:
    • 80% Compression Quality
    • 400px Compression Max Height/Width Dimension
    • Medium image size, medium quality.
  • Best Compression:
    • 75% Compression Quality
    • 200 px Compression Max Height/Width Dimension
    • Lower image size, lower quality.

Every form is defaulted to Normal.

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  • No compression should be an option without having to have someone from GoCanvas do it for you. When performing inspections we need to see every possible detail (faint cracks for example) in the photos. The compression makes images blurry and removes the essential details needed.  

  • Hi Keith,

    I know there are technical reasons that we don't open it up to everybody, but as always, please feel free to post this as a feature request

  • Hi,

    We are finding that our photos once uploaded to Go Canvas losses its Go-tag as evidence of our location 

    Can this be rectified?

  • You could build a hidden gps capture into the app that catches the location when the person navigates to that screen.

    You can then add a link or a map next to or under the photo in the app builder.

    You will need to set your proximity to about 10 meters and force accuracy. Any less than 10 meters devices (particularly apple devices in my experience) struggle with anything less. If you don't use "force accuracy" it will put your location randomly in some of the most surprising places within a half mile or so.. I had one that showed that I was in a pizza shop and even worse, I had another that showed my location was in a strip club. 

    (Edited )
  • Hi Chris,

    A couple of questions for you when you have a chance, to try to figure out if this is a bug or a feature request. 

    Is this new behavior (something that was working before but has recently stopped) or has it always done that? Are you taking photos on Android or iOS? What's your workflow for capturing the geo location, both when you take the image and when you're looking for it?