How to Temporarily or Permanently Remove a Form from your Account

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If your account has started to look cluttered with forms that are no longer in use, GoCanvas provides both temporary and permanent options to remove those forms from your account.

Remove a Form

If you need to clean up your forms page by removing old or unused forms, you have two options:

  • Archive: This is the action of temporarily removing the form from your mobile users and removing from the list of published forms.
  • Permanently Delete Form: This is the action of permanently deleting the form and all data associated with the form from your account. This is a non-reversible action, and should be used ONLY if you wish to completely wipe all contents of the form from your account.

To do either, follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you will need to do is navigate to the Forms page. Please note that only Company Admin and Company Designers will have the ability to Permanently Delete or Archive forms from an account.
  2. Once on the Forms page, select the name of the form that you wish to Archive or Permanently Delete.
  3. Next, you will land on the Form Settings page where you will see the current status of your form, number of submissions, and much more. You will want to scroll down until you see the Actions section. Actions_Archive_or_Permanently_Delete.png
  4. From here, you can decide whether you would like to Archive or Permanently Delete your form.

Alternatively, a form can be archived or permanently deleted from the Forms page as well. Depending on the status of the form, either Archive or Permanently Delete will be an option in the ellipses menu, or the very last icon associated with a form next to the Settings gear.


And since Archiving is not permanent, you may find yourself needing to reinstate it. The steps to Unarchive a form can be found in this article.

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