How to Share Forms with Other Departments

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If you have Departments enabled, you can share forms from one department to another. 

Share Forms with Other Departments

  1. Go to the Forms page of the department that contains the form.
  2. Select the name of the form you want to share.
  3. Scroll to the Actions area at the bottom of the page and select Department Share.Actions.png
  4. Check all departments the form should be shared with and then Save.Department_Sharing.png

The original department now becomes the owner of the form. Any edits made to the form in the owning department will automatically be pushed to all shared departments. The following settings are controlled by the department that owns the form:

  • Workflow,
  • Dispatch,
  • Email Options,
  • Reference Data.

Copying All Forms from an Existing Department

Additionally, you can copy forms from an existing department when creating a new department. When inputting the name and description for a new department, simply select an existing department from a drop down list:


Please Note

By choosing to copy forms and folders from an existing department, you are creating duplicates of those forms and folders.

Users in this new department will be able to make changes to the forms and folders. If you do not want users in the new department to be able to make changes, we recommend using the Department Share feature.

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  • The instructions were somewhat helpful.  It would have been better to give the directions "scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Actions". Tthe page is quite long.