How to Edit a Form Shared by a Different Department

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Copying a form is a workaround for editing a locked Department-Shared form.

Edit a Department Shared Form

The original department is the owner of the form. Only admins and designers belonging to the originating department are able to make changes to the form and to any form-specific features, which include:

  • Workflow,
  • Dispatch,
  • Email Options,
  • Reference Data.

If a non-owning department needs to edit a department-shared form to reflect the department's specific information, go to the Forms page of the department where the form was shared. Any department-shared forms will show the owning department's name if you hover over the Edit icon column.

Select the Quick Links button, the ellipsis, then select Copy.

Departments_Department Shared Form_Copy.png

Once copied, you will select the Edit icon allowing you to edit the copied version of the form. The copied version will be owned by the "copying" department.

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