How to Assign a Form that was Shared by a Different Department

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If Departments are enabled, forms can be shared from one Department to another.

Assign a Form Shared by Another Department

Forms are not automatically assigned to users in the new department after it has been shared. The user may have access to the form in an alternative department but needs the submissions associated with another department.

To assign a shared form to your Department users, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Quick Links ellipses associated with the form you would like to assign and select the Assign option.Forms Page_Quick Links_Department Share_Assign.png
  2. Check all department users that require access to the form, then Save changes.Quick Links_Assign Screen.png

If a department user has been assigned a form in multiple departments, the user will be asked to select the department to submit to prior to uploading the completed submission.

Submission Page Assign Department
iOS_Submission_Assign Department.png



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