How can I tell if my form uses Reference Data?

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If you need to quickly determine whether your form uses reference data, there are two methods besides simply going in to check within the form builder.

From the Form Settings Page

If you only need to know the files referenced by a single form, the Form Settings page is the fastest method.

  1. Navigate to the Forms page and select the Settings icon.
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and all files that are referenced in the form will be listed.

Form Settings_Reference Data.png


If there is no Reference Data being used in the form, this section will not appear. 

The Reference Data Report

Alternatively, you may need to ascertain the reference data attached to more than one form. You can do this quickly by utilizing the Reference Data Report.

  1. Navigate to the Reports page from the Account drop down in the left navigation. If you have departments enabled, this drop down will be labeled Department.
  2. Select the hyperlink for Reference Data Report, the fourth option in the list.
  3. The report will be defaulted to run by Reference Data but you can also choose to view the report by Form.
Run Report by Reference Data Run Report by Form
Reports_Reference Data_Run by RD.png

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  • I have reference data that is used by multiple apps.  I want to know what apps use a particular reference data.  I shouldn't have to open every single app to see if it uses it or not.  I should be able to open the reference data and it should tell me what apps are using it.

  • Hi Chris,

    You can go to the Reports section (under Account) and look at the Reference Data Report, which will give you a list of all of your Reference Data files and the Apps they're used in.