What are Email Options?

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Email Options give you the ability to control the distribution of your GoCanvas generated PDF report at the conclusion of filling out the form.

Email Options

Within these settings, you may create preset contacts for the report to automatically be sent to, allow the report to be only emailed to the creator of it, or disable all transmission of the data via email. 

Please Note

The size limit for emailing a PDF Submission is 25 MB.

Form Settings_Email Options.png

For example, John is on the project site and about to complete his Job Safety Analysis Form using GoCanvas. As soon as John clicks "Yes" to submit, his report will be emailed instantly to his Field Supervisor, Project Manager, and HSE Director. John didn't have to type in any of his supervisors' email addresses because the Email Options on the form had already been setup with their addresses. This saved John time and ensured everyone who needed to receive the JSA got it. 

To learn more about configuring these settings for a form, visit the Help Center article, "How to Configure Email Options."

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