What is Submission Status?

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Submission Status provides context at a glance about a submission and any follow-up steps that are still needed for the customer or project to which the submission belongs.

Submission Status

Receiving a submission at the office is typically not the end of a process, but the middle of a process. Parts need to be ordered, jobs need to be closed out, invoices need to be sent, or a billing system needs to be updated.

Submission Status provides an easy way to describe the step in the process that your form submission is in so that you remain organized and up to date on your internal processes.

For example, if expense reports are coming into the office, you can create Submission Statuses to help process them. Statuses like "Submitted," "Paid," or "Unpaid."

As the person in the back office goes through the submissions they can assign a status to each one, so it is known what is being done or needs to be done. This streamlines the process by eliminating duplicate efforts, especially when there is more than one person in the back office.

The Help Center article, "How to use Submission Status" for more guidance on setting up and configuring this powerful feature.

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