How to Change the Time Zone for an Account or a Single User

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The time shown on your Standard PDF is set by your account time zone. This time zone can be changed for either your whole account or for a single user if you have users in different time zones.

Set the Time Zone for Account

1. Expand the Account drop down in the left navigation and select Account Settings.

2. Under Account Time and Date Settings, select the Settings button associated with Account Time Zone.

Account_Account Settings_Account Time Zone.png

3.Expand the drop down list of all possible Time Zones. Choose the desired zone and Save.

Account_Account Settings_Account Time Zone Drop Down.png

Now when you look at your list of submissions you will see the time has changed to your selected zone. It will also change on the footer of your Standard PDF. 

Set the Time Zone for a Single User

1. Expand the Account drop down in the left navigation and select Users.

2. Select the name of the user with an alternate time zone.

3. Select Edit in the Profile Information area.


4. Expand the drop down, select the users time zone, and Save.

Account_Users_Profile_Edit_Time Zone.png

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