How to Use Web Services with GoCanvas

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Need to export data from GoCanvas? Want to automatically import information into your own system? Then the GoCanvas Web Services API is right for you. 

The GoCanvas Web Services API was designed to be easy to use and is based upon the Representational State Transfer (REST) style of web service invocation. Our API is primarily meant to allow customers to pull down submitted information. In addition, some limited data can be pushed into the GoCanvas system for use by mobile clients.

The following materials will help you get going using the GoCanvas Web Services API and provide detailed information about how to use GoCanvas:

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  • Can Go Canvas app integrate with Simpro using API calls

  • Hi Dane,

    I haven't personally seen that set up, but presumably if you're able to integrate with APIs in general then yes, the GoCanvas API should work for you. If you need help or have questions about that, you might want to connect with our Professional Services team

    (Edited )
  • Hi Team,


    Is there a way to excitant submission PDFs via API? We want to attach them to invoices as a proof.

  • Hi Nick,

    I'm going to convert your question to a ticket so that our Support Team can assist. Stay tuned! 



  • What is the license associated with the sample apps? Is it allowed to share our extensions/additions to the samples publicly?

    I'm thinking specifically of a public GitHub repository with an associated OSS license so other developers can use what we've done and submit Pull Requests with other fixes and features. To begin, we've ported the VB.Net WinForms sample to a C#.Net MVC WebApp sample and added support for the multi-photo field.

    We'd love it if the OSS license were the MIT license, but others will work as well. With the MIT license GoCanvas can retain all rights related to Copyright.

    Thank you,


  • Howdy Paul,

    Thank you for sharing this feedback and specific use case! I reached out to our Engineering team on this matter, and they shared that the sample applications are provided as a way to get started with the GoCanvas API. Currently we don’t provide any licensing or guarantees about these samples beyond our standard Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

    I shared your feedback directly with out Product managers for their consideration. We will share any updates on OSS and other licensing related to API and the sample apps on this post.

  • I'm using the CSV API and receiving error code 3 in my response.  Feels like I'm missing some setup for the username I'm using to authenticate with the API.  Any thoughts?

  • Howdy Ryan,

    I can't speak to the error code you have encountered, but I see you have connected with my colleague Drew in Support for direct troubleshooting on this matter.

    In the meantime, other users who may have encountered this error are welcome to share potential resolutions here!

  • It would be create if we could use the API to add and remove user accounts.

  • Hello,

    Do you have any examples of how to structure an HTTP request using the API key method?