How to Use Submission Numbering

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Using our Submission Numbering feature, you can have GoCanvas generate unique numbers for all of your submissions. You can set up unique numbering for each GoCanvas form you have or across all GoCanvas forms in your account. You are able to label that field, configure the formatting, and more.

This is perfect for Job Numbers, Purchase Order Numbers, Work Order Numbers, Ticket Numbers, or any other unique number you have on your paper forms.

Submission Numbering on a Form Level

1. Navigate to the Forms page and open form settings, either by selecting the hyperlink of the form name or the gear associated with the form.

2. Select the Settings button associated with Submission Number.

3. Once you have set the parameters for your unique numbering click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Form Settings_Submission Number Settings.png

Numbering can be based on either:

  • Each User, where each user's submissions will have a unique number for this form;
    • For example, if Bob, Tom, and Sally are all completing submissions, each will start at 1 and increase with every submission.
  • Current GoCanvas Form, where each submission for this form, across all users, will have a unique number;
    • For example, if Bob is the first to complete a submission, it will be numbered 1. Sally completed the next submission so that will be 2 and when Tom submits, that will be 3.

Additional Settings

Label: This can be any label you wish to give your submission number but is defaulted to "No."

Submission Number Length: This is where you can set the padding for leading zeros. You will see the example of 5 results in 00001. Note: The maximum length is 8 total numbers, i.e. 00000001.

Year, Month and Day Prefix: Check the box by one, two, or all three to add the date to the beginning of the submission number.

Other Prefix or Suffix: Add alternative unique leading or ending numbers to the submission number.

Include in prefix of email: Add the unique numbering scheme to the subject line and/or body of the email as well as file name of the GoCanvas generated PDF.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see Next Submission Number and the option to reset the submission number. When you select the check box you will be given the option to select a number that you would like the submission numbering to start over at. This is handy if you are testing out this functionality and would like to try multiple options before fully going live with your numbering scheme.

Note: There is no need to refresh forms on your device. Once you save these changes, the numbering convention will be automatically applied to the next submission.

Configuring Unique Submission Numbering Across All Users and Forms

1. Expand the Account drop down in the left navigation and select Account Settings.

2. Under General Settings select the settings buttons associated with Submission Numbering.

Account_Account Settings_Submission Numbering.png

3. Select the check box to Enable Unique Numbering.

4. You will now see the options for setting up your unique numbering and Save changes.

Account_Account Settings_Submission Numbering Settings.png

Adding Submission Numbering to the PDF Designer

If you are using the Standard PDF, enabling submission numbering as described above will automatically add the unique generated number to the top right corner of the Standard PDF.

To add submission numbering to the PDF Designer, navigate to the PDF Designer from within the form or using the Edit PDF icon associated with the form on the Forms page.

Open the Elements tab and look for the Submission Number element. Click on the icon and drag the submission number into your PDF Design. You can place the submission number element into any section or column in your design and it will retain the settings that you configure when enabling submission numbering.

PDF Designer_Elements_Submission No..png

PDF Designer_Elements_Submission No._Drag and Drop GIF.gif


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