How to Connect GoCanvas to a Barcode Scanner

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Scanning Barcodes with GoCanvas is simple, either with your device or an external application.

Connect a Barcode Scanner

GoCanvas will receive data from any barcode scanner that has a supporting "scan wedge" application that is compatible with a GoCanvas-supported operating system. The scanner can be internal to the device or externally connection through a cable or a Bluetooth connection.

GoCanvas will receive input from the scanner through the "scan wedge" application running on the device. The "scan wedge" application will pass the text from the barcode into the currently active field on the device.

Please Note

Please note there are some devices whose "scan wedge" application causes interference with the ability for GoCanvas to capture an image using the camera on the device. In these scenarios it has required tighter integration between GoCanvas and the device. If you run into this scenario, please create a ticket so the need for device integration can be investigated.

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