How to Resume a Saved Submission on Mobile

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When using GoCanvas on a mobile device, you can save work in progress without having to submit any data using Save to Cloud. Turning this feature on allows mobile users to open the saved data on the device at a later time and submit it when the submission is complete. You can also use the Save to Cloud feature to save a submission and continue it on another device.

Loading a Saved Submission

If you've saved your progress in a form, you'll need to retrieve or resume your submission. Log into your account on your mobile device. If a form has saved submissions, it will have an icon on the right to display the number of saved submissions. If a form, or forms, within a folder has saved submissions, the folder will also display the amount of in progress submissions in the folder.

Clicking on a form with saved submissions will give you the option to fill out a new submission, or to view a list of In Progress submissions that can be finished. Select the submission you wish to complete from the In Progress screen to resume your progress.

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