Can I extend how long a device is logged in before the application automatically logs out?

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A user in the field is required to validate with GoCanvas periodically. The frequency of that validation is called the Client Timeout Window, and admins have the ability to change how long that period is based on your needs. This timeout period is also how long the user can be logged in and offline without forcing a sync by logging out. This can be done on an account level only.

Client Timeout Window

1. Expand the Account drop down in the left navigation and select Account Settings.

2. Under Security Settings, find Client Timeout Window and select the Settings button. 

Account_Account Settings_ Client Timeout Window.png

3. Expand the drop down and select a time limit suitable for your needs. The default is 1 Day.

Account_Account Settings_ Client Timeout Window_1 Day.png

Account_Account Settings_ Client Timeout Window_Options.png

4. Save to implement.

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