How to Divide Reference Data among User Groups

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GoCanvas gives you the ability to separate your large Reference Data files among your User Groups so that users will only download the data they need. 

Divide Reference Data among User Groups

If your entire file has 60,000 rows or records, but each user only needs a small portion of those, this feature allows you to give each user only what they need. This will improve performance on their mobile devices when synchronizing with our servers.

This works by dividing your Reference Data file into groups based on one of your data columns and then allocating your users into User Groups that align with those groups. 

Formatting the Spreadsheet

For a refresher on the basics of formatting a spreadsheet for reference data, refer to the article, "How to Properly Format a Google Sheet or CSV File for Reference Data." In order to take it one step further and separate data by User Groups, we must employ aspects of Dependent Reference Data by adding a column for distinguishing what Group will have access to that row of data.

Upload the File

Reference Data files can be separated by User Groups the first time they are uploaded or they can be separated when editing the file.

  1. Navigate to your Reference Data & Images page.
  2. Select Add Reference Data.
  3. Choose either CSV or Google Sheets and follow the process to upload for the chosen method.
  4. Once you get to the final screen, you will see the option to divide reference data among user groups under the Description box. Check the box and Save.RD&I_Upload Data_Divide among User Groups.png
  5. You will now be given the option to select which column you wish to use as the basis for your User Groups. RD&I_Upload Data_Divide among User Groups_Select Column.png
  6. If your User Groups already exist, leave the Create User Groups? box unchecked. If User Groups have not been created yet, check the box to save time and guarantee those User Groups are spelled exactly the same.
  7. The next screen will have User Groups listed based on the column you selected previously. If these are new groups, or the groups do not have users, add users by selecting the + button in the Action column.RD&I_Upload Data_Divide among User Groups_Add Users to New Groups.png

As soon as the form is mapped to the reference data and the form is published to your users, users will simply sync their devices to access the newly separated reference data.

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