How to Upload Reference Data when using the Legacy Builder

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Now that we have properly formatted our reference data file, we need to upload it to the account. 

Upload from within the Legacy Builder

There are several methods if you are using the Legacy Builder. If you are using a .csv file, both methods are available. If you are using a Google Sheet, only the method outside the builder is available.

  1. Edit an existing form or select Create New to start a new form.
  2. Find or create a field that will be attached to reference data. This will most likely be the parent field and a drop down field type. Select it to open Field Settings in the left panel.
  3. Expand the Reference Data tab.
  4. Select the blue plus button to upload a new .csv file to reference data.RD&I_AFB_Blue Plus.png
  5. Name your file something recognizable and enter a Description that will aid in organization and clear identification of the file's content.RD&I_AFB_Add New Reference Data.png
  6. Choose a file from your computer and upload it. This file will now appear in the drop down menu to the left of the blue plus button.

Upload on the Reference Data & Images Page

  1. Navigate to the Reference Data & Images page from the left navigation in the portal.
  2. Select Add Reference Data in the upper right corner.RD&I_Add Reference Data.png
  3. Select either Upload a CSV file or Import from Google Sheets.
  4. Name your file something recognizable and enter a Description that will aid in organization and clear identification of the file's content.RD&I_Add Reference Data_CSV.png
  5. Choose File to select a CSV from your computer.
  6. Save.


Ignore the checkbox, "Divide reference data among User Groups?" unless the file has been formatted for this purpose.

Now that your file has been uploaded to your account, you will not need to repeat this process in the future when updates are made to this file. Simply follow the instructions to edit existing files and only follow the above steps when an entirely unique file is added to your account. 

Next, we will map the columns in your file to the fields in your form.

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