How to Add a Field to your Form in the Legacy Builder

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Adding fields in the Legacy Builder is a fundamental step to building your form.

Adding Fields

Depending on your building style or what feels most comfortable, you may gravitate toward one method over the others but each has convenient moments to use them over other options.

Additionally, choosing the correct type of field is important. The type of field you choose will determine how the user will interact with the field and what a valid response will be. It is important to understand the characteristics of each type of field so that you can choose the correct type.

Click to Add

The first method is simply clicking the field type in the Field Library to add it to your form, which is previewed in the center of the screen. When you click to add a field, the field will automatically go to the position of the last field on the screen. This method is efficient and easy to use if you know the order that your fields will be placed in your form. If you need to relocate a field after it's been added, simply pick it up to rearrange the layout.


Drag and Drop

The second method is to click and hold a field in the Field Library and drag it to the form preview. 


Copy an Existing Field

The third method is to copy an existing field. This is a great time saving method for when more than one field need the same or similar settings. Instead of adding the settings, configuring conditions, or mapping reference data individually for every field, simply configure one field that can be copied and then slightly tweaked. 


Next Steps

Take time to explore the various field types and their specific properties both within the Legacy Builder and in the Help Center Article, "What are the Field Settings in the Legacy Builder?" Familiarizing yourself will allow you to more efficiently build a form that is intuitive for your users.

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