Can I use Reference Data for specific users?

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Reference Data allows admins to provide data to their users in the field that not only ensures consistency and accuracy in the field, but also saves time, eliminating the need to manually enter tedious or repetitive information. However, sometimes reference data contains sensitive information that can only be viewed by specific users. Using reference data and system defaults, reference data can be shown to only the specified user.

First, format your Reference Data file.

Add a column in your spreadsheet for user email addresses. This will associate the data to the correct user. 

RD&I_Reference Data for Specific Users Example.png

Second, upload your Reference Data file.

Third, add a field for email in the Advanced Form Builder.

Select the Employee Email field to open field settings in the left panel. Expand the More menu, select the drop down for System Default, and choose Username.

AFB_Field Settings_More_System Defaults_Username.png

Note: Builder BETA does not have System Defaults so technique is only available in the Advanced Form Builder at this time.

Finally, map the field to your Reference Data file and publish your form.

In this example, the Employee Email field is a Short Text Field and is mapped like a Parent Field in addition to using a system default.

AFB_Reference Data_For Specific Users_Email Field.png

The second is a drop down field mapped to fill based on the Email field.

AFB_Reference Data_For Specific Users_Customer Field.png

And the third field is mapped to fill based on the Customer Name field.

AFB_Reference Data_For Specific Users_Data Field.png

Now when your users open the form, they will only be shown the information pertinent to them.

iOS_Reference Data_Specific User System Default.gif

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