The Legacy Builder

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Create, update, and revolutionize your work process starting with your forms.

The Legacy Builder

GoCanvas allows you to capture signatures, insert photos, capture GPS coordinates, dispatch technicians to jobs, conduct calculations and utilize common form fields like drop-downs, checkboxes, text boxes, and more. Mobile forms can do so much more than your paper forms!


Sections of the Legacy Builder

  1. On the left, the Field Library and Settings allow you to quickly add a field to the currently selected screen. In order to add a field to the current screen, just drag the field type from the Field Library to the center workspace. After adding a field to a screen, you can label the field and select the field to view field settings in the same panel.
  2. On the right, the Form Outline allows you quickly see the flow of the current form, reorder screens, select a screen to edit, or preview the fields added to a screen. To reorder screens using the Screen Outline, just drag the screen you wish to move and drop it in the place you want it to appear.
  3. The center of the builder is the workspace for the current screen you are editing. Add, rename, and reorder fields or edit the screen name within this representation of your mobile device.

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