How to Change GoCanvas Notification Settings

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You can decide how to send and receive GoCanvas notifications on both an individual device basis as well as on an account level. 

Default Notification Settings

By default notifications are enabled when:

  • Reference Data updates/changes,
  • A new version of a form is published to a user,
  • A new form is assigned/published to a user,
  • A Dispatch is assigned to a user,
  • A Dispatch is unassigned.
Apple iOS Devices
  1. Notifications can be enabled, disabled, or modified in the Settings. 
  2. Select GoCanvas in the list and then Notifications.
  3. Select the notifications that you wish to receive.
Android Devices
  1. Navigate to your Settings page and select Apps & notifications
  2. Then select App Info. 
  3. Select GoCanvas in the list and then select App Notifications.
  4. Selec the notifications you wish to receive.
Account Notification Settings

To disable one or all of the above options:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings by expanding Account.
  2. Under General Settings locate Notifications and select the Settings buttons.Account_Settings_Notifications.png
  3. Make your selections.
  4. Save.

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  • Will Go Canvas add Badge alerts to IOS, so when a workflow is assigned to you. You get a push notification and a badge letting you know how many you have assigned.  

  • Hi Kristi! This is a great feature request! Could you add it to our feature request area in the Community so that others can upvote it?