Are signatures captured in GoCanvas legally valid?

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It is an accepted legal practice to collect signatures digitally; however, the legal validity of the captured signatures depends on your country's e-signature laws.

Electronic Signatures

In the United States, 47 states adopted the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, UETA, in 1999. The ESIGN Act, Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, was passed June 30, 2000.  

Both acts establish that electronic or digital signatures hold the same legal status as documents signed on paper as long as:

  1. There is intent to sign;
  2. A record of the signature capture process is kept;
  3. A textual or graphic statement is presented to inform that the signature will be captured electronically.

You can find a summary of all major provisions here.

Similar legislation has been adopted in the United Kingdom and European Union as well as many other countries.

Consult Counsel with Questions

We highly recommend consulting with your own legal counsel if you have any questions or concerns surrounding the legality of digital signatures.


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