Can Submission Data be Emailed as a CSV File?

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Admins can schedule an export of submission data to any user in the account, or department if they are enabled.

Schedule Export

  1. Navigate to your Submissions page.
  2. Select the Export icon in the far right column associated with the form you wish to export submission data from. If the form is in a Folder, select the folder name to reveal the export icon for individual forms within the folder.Submissions_Export.png
  3. Select the Schedule Options button in the upper left corner.Submissions_Export_Schedule Options.png
  4. Make selections for the following settings:Submissions_Export_Schedule Export.png
  5. Select Schedule to save your choices. You will receive a zipped .csv copy of the submission data for that form on the scheduled start date.

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  • I see the minimum is daily, is there an option to receive a CSV after each submission instead of a PDF? or once a day a refreshable CSV?

  • I didn't receive any answer on my previous question (3 months ago) I guess the answer is no..

    Two more questions,

    1. who can schedule submission exports? I tried doing on another user but there isn't even that option.

    2. is there a way I can schedule for more than 1 email recipient?

  • Hi CJ,

    I apologize for not seeing your first comment. Within GoCanvas, you can't schedule a CSV instead of a Submission (though I believe our Professional Services team might be able to do that for you). You can schedule the daily one though, as you've seen, or you might want to take a look at our Business Insights tool where you can pull things directly into a sheet. 

    I believe only Admins and Reporters can schedule exports (as they're the only ones who can view everyone's Submissions). 

    You can only schedule the export to 1 email recipient. You may want to explore integrating with Zapier to get your data into a google sheet, which then you could control access to. Or, again, Business Insights, which anyone who has it could download the data locally. 

    Thanks for your patience! I'd recommend posting some of this in the Community - people may have some interesting work arounds for these needs. 

  • How do you stop scheduled downloads?

  • Hi Christopher,

    Great question! To stop the export, switch your When to Run to Never

  • Is it possible the file didn't come zipped? Did I see the CSV file in the email attachment?