How to Search Submitted Data in the Portal

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Data submitted using GoCanvas is easily searchable in the portal.

Search Submitted Data

Users with the ability to view all submission data may use submission search for many different reasons.

  • Finding a completed invoice for a specific customer name,
  • Finding a work order associated with a specific address or date,
  • Pulling up a specific submission by its unique id.

How to Search

  1. Navigate to the Submissions page from the left navigation.
  2. Select the form you wish to search.
  3. On the top of your list of submissions is search box. Enter the term and type Enter.
  4. The results of the search will display the field the data was found in.

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  • Searches seem to be whole-word specific instead of partial-word searchable (ex. searching "Land" will only pull customer names with "Land" as a standalone word in their name. Customer "Landworx" will not appear in "Land" search results. Could expanding the searching capability to include partial-word results in this way be added to a future release?

  • Hi Kathrynn,

    This is a great feature request! Would you mind posting it in our Feature Request area of the Community so that our Product Team knows it's something you'd like to see? You can find that here: Thanks for your feedback!

  • Hi Sara - Posted to the Feature Request area of the Community.  Thanks! Kathrynn

  • Thanks, Kathrynn! 

  • How can i generate a report showing the amount of submission in a specific time period? Preferably Monthly.

  • Howdy Myron,

    Good question! Depending on what type of submission data you are trying to capture, there are a couple methods to get a count of submissions.

    -You can download submission data for a specific App (manually or scheduled for email) as a CSV file that can be viewed from Excel. Here is a Help Center topic with more details on downloading submission data.

    -You can use the Active User Report to get the number of responses submitted by each user on each day for a specified date range. Here is a Help Center topic with more details on GoCanvas online reports.

  • I hope I didn't miss this response somewhere else, but these instructions are only for computer access, can submissions be searched by name on the app? When I need to pull up a previous submission I scroll back looking at dates.

  • Howdy Daryl,

    At this time, submissions cannot be searched by name from mobile. However, you can use the Filter option to narrow the number of submissions that are displayed on your mobile device. 

    A search function for History on the GoCanvas Mobile Client is one of our most requested features. I would definitely suggest upvoting the existing Feature Request, as it ensures these items are recognized and considered by our Development teams.: