Can submitted data be downloaded as a PDF?

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GoCanvas allows users to download their Submissions as a PDF. This is a great way to convert data submitted from any mobile device into a usable format. 

Downloading a Submission as a PDF

1. Navigate to the Submissions page from the left navigation.

2. Select the form name from which you wish to download a PDF.

3. Select the PDF icon. The options to View and Download both the Standard and the Designer PDF will be there if the form as a designed PDF. Options for Custom PDF will also be here if the form has one.

4. Select Download for the PDF desired and it will automatically download to your browser.

Submissions_Functions Annotated.png

Data can be accessed in other formats, such as manual export, integrations, and analytics.

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  • But can I download all PDFs all at once?


  • There is currently no direct way to bulk export multiple Submission PDFs, however this is a highly requested feature from other users in our Community.

    I would advise upvoting this existing Feature Request post:

    Consolidated comments and upvotes are the best way to show our Product managers demand for new functionality.

    You can also follow the Feature Request linked above, which means you will receive an email notification anytime an update is shared on the post.