How to Resize Images and Signatures in the PDF Designer

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By default, adding an image or signature to a section or column in your PDF design will cause the element to fill the entire section. This can be fixed by manipulating the column size.

This Article Refers to the GoCanvas PDF Designer

If you are looking to customize the Standard PDF, please visit the Help Center section dedicated to the Standard PDF.

If you want to increase or decrease the size of an image or signature, add the field to a section that is divided by columns. If the image or signature has already been added to the design, hover over the section to reveal the Add a column option. You can learn more about columns here.


You can add a new section to the PDF by placing your pointer at the bottom of the PDF Designer after all existing sections. When at the bottom, you will see a Click to add Section option.

Once the image or signature is placed into a column, hover over the section to view the column boundaries. Place your pointer between the columns until the pointer changes to show two arrows and a bolded blue column border line. Press down and drag the boundary left or right to resize.

PDF Designer_Adjust Photo Size GIF.gif

GoCanvas Tip

If you have a signature or image field that you want centered in your design, add three columns to a section in the PDF Designer. Drag the image or signature field to the center column.

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