How to Customize Tables in the PDF Designer

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This Article Refers to the GoCanvas PDF Designer

If you are looking to customize the Standard PDF, please visit the Help Center section dedicated to the Standard PDF.

Customizing your table or loop screen in the PDF Designer is a simple way to make your PDF more readable or align with your brand.

Format a Table in the PDF Designer

If you did not use Auto Layout, you will need to drag the table into the workspace. 

  1. Open the Form Outline in the left panel of the PDF Designer.
  2. Locate the section with the name of your table. 
  3. Drag the table from the Form Outline to the workspace. 
  4. All fields in a table are linked in the PDF designer, so all fields will be added together.PDF Designer_Table_Drag and Drop.gif


A loop screen or table will take up an entire section and cannot fit in a column or next to any other items in the same section.

Customizing the Table

Editing Columns

The Help Center article, "How to Reformat a Table with too many Fields in the PDF Designer," explains what to do in the case that the table or loop screen unreadable due to the amount of fields.

The article above also discusses moving fields to different columns, deleting columns, relabelling column headers, and using Text elements to add pseudo field labels within the rows.

Columns can be resized by placing your pointer between column borders and dragging left or right.

PDF Designer_Table_Resize Columns.gif

Editing Table Settings

Individual tables can be edited with Loop Settings. Select the table to open the table's specific settings in the left panel. 

PDF Designer_Loop Settings.png

The Table Headers and Table Rows are configurable separately. 

Customizing Tables with Global Settings

If you would like to configure all tables in your PDF and save time formatting every time a table needs to be dragged back into the workspace, Global Settings will apply the same settings universally across your design. To use these settings, make sure to check the box Use Global Settings for either Table Headers, Table Rows, or both in the table's settings.

PDF Designer_Global Loop Settings.png

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  • "Currently the PDF Designer only allows 10 columns to span a section. If your list screen contains more than 10 fields, columns in the table can be manipulated to allow for more fields."

    Need a link to how to do this.

    Also is there a way to add list screen fields (that  had been deleted) back into the report table without having to recreate the table?


    (Edited )