How to Configure Email Options

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GoCanvas allows admins and designers to specify the Email Options for each form. 

Please Note

The size limit for emailing a PDF Submission is 25 MB.

Email Options

The email options determine if a submission's PDF is automatically created when the submission is uploaded and to which email addresses the PDF is sent.

  1. Navigate to the Forms page from the left navigation.
  2. Select the hyperlinked name of your form or the settings gear associated with the form.
  3. Under Settings, select the Settings button associated with Email Options

Form Settings_Email Options.png

Admins can choose either the Standard or Designer PDF to email from the first drop down. Next, Choose an option for mobile users, whether the mobile user can send an email of the PDF and to whom they can send it to.

Form Settings_Email Options_Settings 1.png

  • Cannot email the PDF to anyone: Mobile users have no control over where the Submission PDF is sent.
  • Can email the PDF to themselves only: Mobile users will have the option to send an email of the completed PDF to themselves but no one else.
  • Can email the PDF to anyone: Mobile users will have the option to list email addresses that will receive the Submission PDF.


If you have an email field in your form the address entered in the field will automatically be added to the list to receive the PDF. 

In addition, you can specify a list of email addresses (separated by a comma) that will always receive a copy of the PDF regardless of the email option specified. Determine whether the recipients are listed in the 'To' field, 'CC' field, or 'BCC' field. Finally, determine whether the email contains a link to the PDF or an attachment of the PDF file.

Form Settings_Email Options_Settings 2.png

An Additional Email Attachment can be uploaded to this page so that every email will also receive this attachment.

Form Settings_Email Options_Settings 3.png

Check the box to add 'Auto-Results' in the subject line or include data from the submission in the GoCanvas generated email using Place Value In within both the Advanced Form Builder and the Builder BETA.

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