What does Status mean on the Forms page?

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The status of a form is used to indicate the stage of development of a particular form.

Form Statuses

The current status of a form will be found under your Forms page on your GoCanvas portal.


This form has been created but has not been published to any users yet.

Forms Page_Status_New.png


The form and its changes have been successfully saved and assigned to at least one user.

Forms Page_Status_Published.png


This form was previously published, but a new version is being edited and has yet to be published.

Forms Page_Status_Pending.png



The form is in Testing Mode, available to Admins and Designers, to make sure the form works before publishing to more users.

Forms Page_Status_Testing.png


The form is retired and is no longer available to users on their mobile device. However, it can be brought back if necessary.

Forms Page_Status_Archived_Zoom.png

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