How to Schedule Dispatches

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This feature is available for select plans. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager to see if you qualify.

Dispatch allows you to pre-populate GoCanvas forms and then assign them to users in your account. This is a great way to assign jobs to your mobile workers so they know where to go, who to talk to when they get there and what needs to be done. Learn more about dispatch in general. 

You can immediately send your dispatch or you can schedule it to be sent at a specific time. That way, if the work needs to be performed during certain hours (for example if there's an appointment window for a customer), the dispatch will be issued for those hours. 

Dispatches that are scheduled will appear in the Dispatch Calendar in the Upcoming Tab in Work Hub. 

Creating a Scheduled Dispatch

There are several ways to create dispatches, which you can read about here. During that process, you'll be able to schedule your dispatch by following these steps: 

1. Create your dispatch as usual. 

2. In the Dispatch Type field, select Schedule for later.


3. Set a start and end date and time.

4. If you'd like, you can have the user receive a calendar invite via email.

5. Fill out the rest of the dispatch as you usually would and don't forget to save.

Receiving a Scheduled Dispatch on Mobile

The user will receive a notification for the dispatches after they sync their device on the day of the scheduled dispatch. 

iOS_Dispatch Notification.jpg

After that, they can see the specific times they are scheduled for by clicking on the Tasks banner on the Home page. If a user is ready to start a dispatch assigned for that day, select the dispatch and the first screen of the form will launch to complete as usual.

iOS_Tasks List No Upcoming.jpg

If you need your users to see their Upcoming tasks before the day of the scheduled dispatch, a feature called Future Dispatches allows for dispatches to be viewed up to seven days before the day of the scheduled dispatch. 

iOS_Upcoming Tasks.jpg

Selecting an upcoming dispatch will allow the user to see a static view of the form and any fields filled out by the dispatcher, but will not become a submission that the user can fill out until the scheduled day.

iOS_Future Dispatch.jpg

Note: Future dispatches is currently available on a by-request basis. Submit a ticket if you are interested in enabling this feature.

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