How to Export Dispatches

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GoCanvas gives you the ability to download your Dispatch data so you can review and manipulate it in a program like Excel.

Follow these steps to export your dispatches:

1. Navigate to Work Hub.

2. There is an Export button to the left of the Create Dispatch button in the upper right corner on every tab of Work Hub (In Progress, Upcoming, and Submitted).


3. Select Dispatches in the drop down.


    • Date Range: Choose a data range by typing in the date or choosing from the calendar pop-up.
    • Form: You can export Dispatch data for all forms or for a single form.
    • Include Submission Data: If you have selected to export data for a single form, you can also include the submission data from any completed Dispatches. Please note, this option is only available when exporting data for a single form.
    • Select the Form Version: You'll only need to select the form version if you are including Submission data. Like our Submission export, you can only export Submission data by version.

4. Click Export in the lower right corner.

When your file has finished downloading, you can view the data in a program like Excel or import into your own system.

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