How to Bulk Upload Dispatches

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You may be maintaining Dispatch information in an Excel file or in a program that allows you to generate an Excel file. GoCanvas allows you to upload that file to create those dispatches in bulk. 

1. Navigate to Work Hub.

2. Click Create Dispatch and Upload Dispatches from the drop down menu. Click on the Download button next to the form you want to create dispatches for. GoCanvas will create a CSV file for you that contains the fields (as columns) you need to assign dispatches in bulk. 


3. A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. Open it in Excel. The first three columns represent the three fields you must complete in order to assign a dispatch to a user. 

  • App Name - It will auto-populate the form name in the second row based on the sample you downloaded. Drag that value down to populate more rows.

Note: You can dispatch to multiple forms in a single file. Make sure your form name is accurate.

  • Dispatch Name - This will be displayed on the Dispatch Calendar and in the calendar invitation sent to the person assigned to the dispatch.
  • Description - This is the name of the dispatch that will show up in the Dispatch Manager and on the user's mobile device. They appear alphabetically on the mobile device. 
  • User email - This is the email address of the mobile worker you want to assign the dispatch to. 

Note: You must add users to your account if you intend to assign dispatches to your mobile workers.  

4. The columns that follow the Scheduled At column relate to how the Dispatch will display on the user's device calendar

Note: The example below has the date set as 14:00 (2:00 PM). This account is located in the Eastern Time Zone which is GMT-5:00 and therefore these dispatches will be scheduled at 9:00 AM in the Dispatch Calendar. Accommodating for the difference between your time zone and UTC (GMT+00:00) in the Excel file upfront eliminates manually rescheduling every dispatch after uploading.

  • Duration: This column is is used to set how long the dispatch will show up on the Dispatch Calendar, and/or the calendar the user utilizes on their devices, in minutes.
  • Reminder: This column affects when your users will receive an email with a calendar invite attached to it, in minutes. This allows them to add the dispatch to the calendar they use on their devices.
  • Send Invite: This column triggers a calendar invite to be sent to the user, which allows them to add the dispatch to the calendar they use on their devices.
  • Department: This column is for designating the department where the user and form are located. Filling this out is optional unless the file had forms or users in different departments.


5. Save the file. It must be a CSV.

6. In Work Hub, click the Create Dispatch button and select Upload Dispatches.

7. Upload your file within the box with the dotted line on the right side of the page.


8. Push browse and select the file from your hard drive. 

9. Push the Import button to upload. 

That's it! Your dispatches will then appear in Work Hub.

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  • I can't get my csv to upload. It keeps rejecting the upload saying "At date or time is invalid1/3/2022 12:00". No matter how I format it, I get the same result.

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  • HI


    I get the same error, and tried all the formats. The download from Gocanvas format does not even want to upload.