How to Set Up Barcode Scanning

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Barcode scanning can be enabled in your forms. GoCanvas will receive data from any barcode scanner that has a supporting "scan wedge" application that is compatible with a GoCanvas-supported operating system. 

Add a Barcode Field

Note: Make sure your device's camera has AUTOFOCUS functionality. Otherwise it will not read a barcode.

Now you will need to add a Barcode Field to the form you wish to use.

1. Navigate to the form you'd like to add a Barcode Field to (or create a new form) on the Forms page. 
2. Drag a Barcode field from the palette to your form's screen.

Note: The Read Only barcode field setting will only allow a user to use their camera or attached device to scan a barcode. They will not be able to enter a value manually by typing something in.

Barcode Scanning on Mobile

If using an iOS or Android device, launch the GoCanvas application. In your form, you will now see the button Capture Barcode below the text box.

  1. Click the Capture Barcode button.

  2. Your device's camera will launch and you will see a square in the center of the screen.

  3. You will now need to line up the barcode within the square.
  4. The square will turn green once the form can read the barcode and the code will be captured like taking a picture. You don’t have to do anything more than lining up the barcode with in the box and wait for it to capture.

Once the barcode has been captured you will see the screen go back to your form and the barcode field will be populated with the code.

To note: Press and hold on the barcode scanning field if you want to manually type the code.

For info on using barcode scanning with Reference Data click here.

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