Can GoCanvas be integrated with backend systems?

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GoCanvas was built to be easy for users to access their data. There are three ways to go about getting your data out of GoCanvas: in CSV form, with GoCanvas Integrations, or through our Web Services API.

Export your Data as a CSV Format

To manually integrate, it's easiest with CSV files, which can be exported from the Submissions page.

1. Select Submissions from the left navigation.

2. Click the Export icon in line with the form you need to export the data from. If the form is in a folder, you will need select the folder first to see the export icon.


3. Select the date range of the data you want to export.

4. Submissions can only be exported by version and each version will list the amount of submissions attributed to it in the drop-down menu. Select the version you wish to export.

5. Click Export to download a CSV containing your data.



Use GoCanvas Integrations

GoCanvas Integrations is a powerful new tool that allows you to take control over the specific integration needs of your team within GoCanvas. Connect the myriad of cloud and on-premise software that your business uses and manage data flow all in one place. 

GoCanvas Integrations provides access to 1,000+ apps to integrate with, allows multiple integrations running simultaneously on a form, and has the ability to map fields from GoCanvas into other software. Follow the link above to learn more.

Use GoCanvas Web Services

If you need to export data from the GoCanvas website and import it into another system using an automated method, please use the GoCanvas Web Services API. The GoCanvas Web Services PDF is available below as well as the following ZIP file to help get you started.

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