How to Copy Fields and Screens in the Legacy Builder

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Copying a screen or a field in the Legacy Builder is not only a time saver but a savvy form building tool that can reduce the chance for errors in conditions or other settings.

Copy a Field

Hover over the field click the Copy icon and an exact copy of the field will appear below the orginal with all the same settings, conditions, and reference data already configured for the field.

AFB_Copy Field.png

Copy a Screen

Hover over the screen in the Form Outline and click the Copy icon. An exact copy of the screen will appear below the original with all the same settings, conditions, and reference data already configured for the screen and fields within the screen.

AFB_Copy Screen.png

Other Options for Replicating Content

Legacy Builder Loop Screen

When you add a screen to a form, you can loop the screen. This allows you to repeat a screen as many times as necessary. When you're done adding all of the items to the list you can advance through the rest of your form.

AFB_Loop a Screen.png

Inspectors often need this since they apply the same criteria to all of the items they inspect. Instead of building 20 screens for the 20 items you inspect, build one screen and set it to loop. You can add your items to your list, and then capture the data you need for the inspection of that item.

Copy an Entire Form

You can also copy an entire form. This is great if you need to create a slightly different version of your form. Found in line with each form, select the Quick Links ellipsis icon and choose Copy.

Quick Links_Copy_Zoomed In.png

Create a Template 

A Template is a static copy of a GoCanvas form that does not transmit down to a mobile device, but can act as a starting point for a new GoCanvas form. An alternative to copying a form, templates are great for easily reproducing a complicated PDF layout or field and screen settings that are needed in multiple forms without the hassle of deleting and reformatting a copy of an existing form to suit your needs every time.

  1. Navigate to the form settings page for the form you wish to templatize.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section titled Actions.
  3. Select Create Template.


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